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  Balance Point Wellness is the clinical acupuncture practice of  Bruce Gustafson, L.Ac., MATOM., based upon Traditional Chinese Medicine, Integrative & Functional Medicine, Aromatherapeutics and other classic and contemporary health and alternative healing services. On this site we also strive to provide healthful information and ideas through our blog and articles from different sources and areas of interest. You can find select products through our Elements for Health online store, which include herbal and nutritional supplements, essential oils and aromatherapy products, body & skin care solutions and beyond. For more information or to schedule a consultation or treatment appointment, please see our contact information provided below.


Our Balance Point Mission

Our practice is devoted to achieving the health and balance of these aspects in each person: Essence - Energy - Spirit - Life - Purpose. We maintain an integrative holistic practice using multiple treatment styles that include acupuncture, herbal medicine, functional medicine, science based nutritional supplements, essential oils and lifestyle wellness care.

Each person is truly unique in their constitution, and the body is amazing. In our practice we use a caring, whole person approach, working together with each of you very personally, to create a plan that will address disease prevention, treat existing conditions, and support your optimal health and well being.


The practice of acupuncture, the placement of fine, sterile needles at various dynamic energy points and pathways in the body, is often combined with the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine as a whole approach. Acupuncture is the most often practiced component of TCM, yet it is merely one important piece of a much larger holistic system. We believe wholeheartedly in the power and effectiveness of acupuncture itself; yet Traditional Chinese Medicine encompasses several other methods designed to help patients achieve and maintain health when called for. Along with acupuncture, we can integrate any of these adjunctive techniques in your treatment to help you reach your balanced wellness goals:

  • herbal medicine                                                                          
  • massage techniques - tui na & gua sha
  • moxibustion
  • nutritional counseling & supplements
  • cupping therapy
  • metabolic lab work analysis
  • lifestyle counseling
  • meditation
  • qigong
  • essential oil acupoint aromatherapy (AAT Certified trained practitioner)
Auricular Acupuncture for Vets at the West LA VA Stand Down Events. One area of specialization is my focus upon Men's Issues & Wellness.

Auricular Acupuncture for Vets at the West LA VA Stand Down Events. One area of specialization is my focus upon Men's Issues & Wellness.

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